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Александр Солженицын

Александр Солженицын

This is a page of admirers of one of the greatest men of 20th century  

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn

(December 11, 1918 — August 3, 2008)

This site is dedicated to the last monumental work of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 200 Years Together. The book was published in Russian in 2002 and since then it was translated and published in French and German, but today, eight years later, Anglo-phone readers still wait for the book to be translated into English. Thus it happened that several truly selfless readers, impatient to share this immortal work with their compatriots, undertook the work which was abandoned by professionals.

Below you will find the list of Chapters with information on their status and links to the translated material. Please note that not all the work is done by professional translators so please forgive the imperfect condition of the texts. It is our hope that as time passes, the translated material will be improved by dedicated editors. If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to contribute to this project by translating from Russian or French please contact the editor of this webzine editorsethnopolitics@myway.com


Copyright notes:

Please note that this work is done for reader’s personal use only, for freely display of this translation within the reader’s family circle only, and any commercial use or any hard copy publication of these texts is prohibited without explicit approval of the worldwide copyright holder of AS’s texts (except Russia), Editions FAYARD. Please note that the editor of this site does not benefit from his volunteer work in any material way — not a cent from readers’ donations will be used for his personal profit and audit of donated funds is available upon a reasonable request from a legal authority or a substantial contributor. We strongly believe that 200 Years Together by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is of the exceptional value to the world culture and that 8 years passed since the original Russian edition of the Second Volume justify an attempt of non-for-profit translation of his work so his English-speaking fans without knowledge of the languages into which it was translated previously can enjoy the thought and word of the great man. We know that the exclusive right of the author (copyright holders in this case) is not absolute. This is apparently a special case and this unauthorized translation can not in any case conflict with a normal exploitation of the work — as virtually all our donors and readers will be more than happy to purchase a hard copy of the book if given a chance; and as such this translation can not unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the right holder.


09-27-2010 Update!

J.E.T. gave $860 to sponsor the entire Chapter 19!


Important update!

Important news: finally, there is a real possibility that the book will be published. I decided to halt the project and remove the links to the translated material to avoid harming this wonderful development. I believe that it became possible in part because of this project. I deeply thank all our donors, without whom this project would not be possible, our editors and translators. Please stay in touch and check this website regularly for updates.

In addition, as we found out, the 200 Years Together is the finest piece of historical scholarship, a very important source of information, critical for understanding the Russian history of the last 200 years. Therefore, if some scholar would need the access to the fragments of the translated material for genuine research purposes, please do not hesitate to contact me editorsethnopolitics@myway.com and we will see what can be done.



Two Hundred Years Together, 1795-1916

Volume 1. Before the Revolution

Chapter 1: Before 19th century — translated by R. Butler and J. Harris. 

Chapter 2: During the reign of Alexander I

Chapter 3: During the reign of Nicholas I — translated!

Chapter 4: During the period of reforms — translated!

Chap 5: After the murder of Alexander II — translated!

Chap 6: In the Russian revolutionary movement

Chap 7: The birth of Zionism

Chap 8: At the turn of the 20th century

Chap 9: During the Revolution of 1905

Chap 10: During the period of Duma

Chap 11: The Jewish and Russian national consciousness prior to the World War I

Chap 12: During WWI (1914-1916)


Volume 2. During Soviet period


Chapter 13: February Revolution— translated!

Chapter 14: During 1917 — translated!

Chapter 15: Among Bolsheviks — translated!

Chapter 16: During the Civil War — translated!

Chapter 17: In emigration between the World Wars — translated!

Chapter 18: During 1920s — translated!

Chapter 19: During 1930s — translated!

Chapter 20: In the camps of GULag — translated!

Chapter 21: During the Soviet-German War — translated!

Chapter 22: From the end of the war up to Stalin’s death — translated!

Chapter 23: Before Six-Day War — translated!

Chapter 24: Breaking away from Bolshevism — translated!

Chapter 25: Accusing Russia — translated!

Chapter 26: Beginning of Exodus

Chapter 27: About assimilation. Author’s after-word — translated!


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